Mogu Mogu Orange Drink – 320ml

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Mogu Mogu Orange Drink with Nata de Coco

Mogu Mogu Coconut Drink has a slightly sweet flavour that tastes amazing and fresh especially with the added texture of chewy nata de coco chunks.

There is nothing more refreshing than the taste of real coconut and this flavour combination will transport you to the beaches in summer!

This flavour combination combined with the added coconut jelly chunks makes this refreshment unique and deliciously snackable!

This new drink experience from Mogu Mogu, won’t disappoint as you sip and squeeze this delightful fun fruit juice.

Whether you are on the go or meeting friends in the park, this 320ml bottle is perfectly sized to take with you and for our wholesale customers, it comes in a handy pack of 6 bottles.

If you like Mogu Mogu Coconut, check out our full range of Mogu Mou Drinks and American Soda available for delivery to your store, or collection from our UK warehouse.

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Weight 6 kg


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